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    Posted: 10/18/2020

    Family Guidance Center of Alabama
    Kids and Kin Program
    Child Care Partner – Job Duties

    1. Be knowledgeable about your counties and be familiar with community leaders, DHR staff, county health department staff and programs, senior center staff and programs, family assistance/services agencies, youth service agencies, head-start programs, child care centers, etc.
    1. Maintain a complete Kids and Kin participant list for each county including contact information and the preferred method of contact. Contact all providers before each meeting, cancellation or change.
    1. Work to build a relationship with providers and guests, treat all providers and guests with respect and dignity. Ensure that any personal information a provider might chose to share with you remains confidential.
    1. Report any known or suspected instances of child abuse or neglect you are aware of.
    1. Keep an updated list of all trainers for each county including their qualified training category/specialty/expertise, and a current phone number, fax number and e-mail address.
    1. Maintain an up-to-date list of all facilities for trainings including a contact person, facility address, phone number and e-mail address.
    1. Attend the Kids and Kin Child Care Partner staff meeting in Montgomery the first Wednesday of each month except January and July.
    1. Conduct two trainings per month in each county.
    • Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to prepare room, set out materials and greet trainer and participants.
    • Provide all necessary training materials including curriculum, previews and reviews, sign in sheets, pens, books and/or door prize, door prize tickets, certificates, Kids and Kin forms (VCP, Fall Incentive, Recruitment Form, Change of Address, etc.).
    • Introduce speaker/trainer if you are not presenting the material.
    • Make sure all participants complete the sign in sheet.
    • Read out loud the preview test and ensure all participants complete it and turn it in before the training begins.
    • Take up sign in sheet 15 minutes after training has begun.
    • Read out loud the review at the end of the presentation and ensure all participants complete and turn it in.
    • Have providers fill out any relevant paperwork such as recruitment form, VCP forms, Fall Incentive forms, etc.
    • Complete a certificate of participation for each participant.
    • Pass out curriculum points and any other handouts.
    • Hand out books in at least one training per month per county.
    • Draw for a door prize in at least one training per month per county. This can be done at the beginning or end of the training.
    • Announce the next training date.
    • Leave facility clean and in order.
    1. After each training:
    • Grade previews and reviews.
    • Fill out Review Results form.
    • Note results on the Sign-In sheet.
    • Fax or email sign in sheet within two days to the Kids and Kin office.
    • Mail original sign in sheet, review results form, preview and review to the Kids and Kin office by the end of each week.
    1. Complete all required paperwork:
    • Weekly - Complete daily logs and email or fax to your supervisor each Monday.
    • Mid-Month - On the 15th of the month turn in completed home and cell phone log, time sheet and leave form.
    • End of the Month – On the last day of each month, or the work day closest to the last day if the last day falls on a weekend or holiday, turn in completed time sheet and leave form, mileage log, expense report and receipts, community contacts form for each county, home and cell phone log.
    • Other – Fill out leave request, incident report, supply request form, etc. as needed.
    1. Seek out and take advantage of opportunities to promote the program and recruit new participants by networking with other community service agencies, school counselors and teachers, child care centers, public housing residents, etc. Promote the program at least twice a month in each county by networking or making a group presentation.
    1. Maintain an office area in your home to include a computer, printer and sufficient work space. Store and keep organized Kids and Kin supplies and materials such as books, door prizes, craft supplies, office supplies, forms, and files.
    1. Other duties as assigned.
    Family Guidance Center of Alabama
    Kids and Kin Program
    Child Care Partner (Full-Time 37.5 hours per week) Job Description
    • Minimum Education:  Bachelor’s degree preferred
    • Training Requirement:  Oral and written communication skills; outreach
    • Experience Required:  Education or experience in child care, child development, early intervention, or the activities related to young children and their families is preferred
    • Ability to work productively with minimal supervision
    • Good computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, scanning, creating PDF’s, email/Outlook)
    • Free to travel within a several county area
    • Valid Driver License and insurance required
    • Community networking/outreach experience preferred
    • Experience in meeting planning a plus
    Job Summary
    The responsibility of the Child Care Partner is to assist persons providing child care in their homes for relative’s children.  The Child Care Partner must be able to help these child care providers identify needs and subsequently address their needs through training, resource identification and referral.  The Child Care Partner is supervised by their area supervisor and the Program Director.
    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Participate in and complete required pre-service and in-service training sessions
    • Identify and recruit qualified relative care providers
    • Maintain, complete, and submit all required records and reports
    • Coordinate and/or provide regular training and education meetings for providers
    • Participate in supervision meetings, as needed, in person or via telephone
    • Travel within an assigned geographical area
    • Establish and/or maintain an advisory committee
    • Conduct advisory committee meetings
    • Attend networking meetings to encourage collaboration with other agencies
    • Give presentations throughout the community to introduce the program and identify potential providers
    • Attend monthly staff meetings in Montgomery
    • Perform other related duties as directed
    Pre/In-Service Training
    A minimum of 15 hours of Orientation and Pre-service training will be provided in the areas of agency and DHR policy, management and other areas of need.  Annual in-service training will be provided through staff meetings, educational materials, or outside training. Any additional training will be provided by your area supervisor as needed.

    Family Guidance Center of Alabama
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